Writer’s Statement

Poetry differs in style, form, and cadence from other genres in the literary arts.  Every word is integral, the arrangement precise, and the music accentuating.  These complexities present the challenge and power that draws me to write poetry.

The complexities complement the contradictions and emotional realities that permeate my work.  I rarely write about my life or myself, for I am an observer documenting the actions of others with an investigative slant.  I often use social and political themes in my work, probing the depths of the fallible human being.  Injustice and irresponsibility are two areas I address through emotional and psychological perspectives.  The environment, hunger, elder abandonment, and domestic abuse are topics that provide me with endless material.

My poetry is for readers who enjoy alternative views on life and the events that shape it.  A reader can emotionally and mentally connect to my work.  This fulfills my wish of making people more aware of injustices so they may be moved to be a catalyst for change.